What Do You Want To Do?

To Schedule a Crosslands Zoom meeting or event with A/V, please click here to learn the new process.

Once you are familiar with the process, you can go directly to the form here: Schedule A/V Services

If you need to get the password for the Biographies or the Zoom meeting ID, send the Web Committee a Contact Us form. You can also get help with accessing Zoom.

Crosslands Events Zoom Meeting ID’s: click here.

Did you know? You can also find the Zoom ID by going directly to the event itself and clicking on the link to the Zoom ID from there.

To Learn About Zoom
Thanks to the Kendal at Longwood Website Team for putting together this wonderful list.

There are too many resources available to help you learn Zoom!  Here are our favorites.  Feel free to share others with us.  First, define your goal:

Goal: “I want to attend a meeting, a party, or a conversation on Zoom and don’t know how to begin…”

Goal: “I want to schedule my own meeting, a party, or a conversation on Zoom…”

Goal: “I need someone to help me, one-on-one…” 

If you find yourself struggling to get started with Zoom or if you are able to get into the Zoom sessions but are having “issues”, for support, contact Bob Shipman, who will connect you with a volunteer to help you.


Worried about security?  Several excellent articles provide some information.  You will notice that CRA Zoom Meetings include protection of the meeting information,  a meeting password, and  a variety of security measures that help minimize the danger of Zoombombers.  While we cannot guarantee freedom from Zoombombers, we have taken measures to prevent them.  Here are some recent articles about safe Zoom meetings.

From ZDnet.com “Make sure your Zoom Meetings are Safe by Doing these 10 things”
From 4/8/2020 York times: “Zoom Privacy – Lessons”  (Thanks to John Hale)

From the 4/15/2020 UKTelegrath: How to Set up a Zoom Meeting Safely”