Crosslands Library  is a  source of recreational reading, reference material, newspapers, magazines, and assorted other material for use by residents and employees of all 4 communities.

The main library in the Center  located across from the Cafe is open all day every day. You may at the front desk use the computer there to check out books and other media using the Self Service function available when there isn’t a volunteer on duty. The  Brooke Worth Room, the branch nature library, is located on the lower level of the center and is open all day every day except when in use for meetings.

The library is funded by the CRA and operated by volunteers who are available as follows:

Hours when Library staff are available:

Monday – Thursday



10 am – 12 Noon 10 am – 12 Noon
 3 pm – 5 pm

The KCC Library Catalog that comes up in a full color window on your computer is called “Alexandria Researcher”.  This site gives you the opportunity to search the catalog of books and DVDs available at Crosslands, the Nature Library and Kendal. You can learn details about an item  and find out if a book or DVD is available. You may access the library Researcher directly by clicking on the green rectangle below (or to find it on small screen devices, scroll down).


For more information about how to use the “Researcher” you can pick up a copy of “The KCC Library Catalog” on the counter by the public computer in the Library. The researcher is up and running 24/7 on the public computer.

Books and CDs of audio books are available for checkout for 21 days; DVDs for 7 days.

The library  stocks an extensive collection of magazines and newspapers. All the magazines are donated. Subscriptions provide  copies of local and national newspapers (for example: the Daily Local, Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Times, Wall Street Journal). Back issues are held for up to one week. Ask if you don’t find what you are looking for.

A link is also available to the Chester County Library catalog on the public computer, or by clicking on the blue rectangle below.

Chester County/Kennett Square Library Catalog Link
Library, Allison Butler checking out a book

Chair: Allison Butler
Deputy Chair: Charmaine Gates


On Ashar Creek: The Story of a Missionary  Family in Southern Iraq, 1922–1966.

Written by Chuck Gosselink, a  Crosslands resident.

A book review by Lyn Back, a Crosslands resident

Looking for a captivating and inspiring read that will take you on a journey to the mission field? Look no further than On Ashar Creek by Charles Gosselink. In this unforgettable book, Gosselink shares his own family’s personal story of life and ministry in the mission field, providing a rare and intimate glimpse into the challenges and rewards of this unique calling.

Click here for the review

 Click here for last  month’s book review  of

“Beaverland; How One Weird Rodent Made America”

  • New   Library Books

    June, 2023


    Ausubel, Ramona   The Last Animal
    Baldacci, David        Simply Lies
    Frazier, Charles      The Trackers
    Genova, Lisa            Every Note Played
    Joshi, Alka               The Perfumist of Paris
    Lehane, Dennis       Small Mercies
    Morton, Kate           Homecoming
    Napolitano, Ann      Hello Beautiful
    Picoult, Jodi           The Storyteller
    Shreve, Anita         Testimony
    Walls, Jeannette      Hang the Moon
    Van Pelt, Shelby     Remarkably Bright Creatures
    Verghese, Abraham      Cutting for Stone


    Box, C.J.                     Storm Watch
    Hillerman, Anne     The Way of the Bear
    Leon, Donna             So Shall You Reap


    *Gifford, Warren            Driving Tomorrow:
    our roadmap to sustainable transportation

    Grann, David             The Wager

    Hawkin, Paul, ed.        Drawdown: The Most
    Comprehensive  plan…reverse global warming

    Messimer, Dwight R         Escape

    Pyenson, Nick            Spying on Whales:
    The Past. Present and Future

    Sun, Lixing              The Liars of Nature and
    the Nature of Liars

    Swain, Susan      First Ladies: Presidential
    Historians on the Lives of
    45 Iconic American Women

    Wejchert, Michael        Hidden Mountains: Survival
    and Reckoning after a Climb Gone Wrong


    Davis, Viola          Finding Me

    *Gosselink, Charles     On Ashar Creek:
    The Story of a Missionary Family
    in South Iraq 1922-1966

    Souder, William        On a Farther Shore:
    The Life and legacy of Rachel Carson

    Wilkie, Vanessa       A Woman of Influence:
    The Spectacular Rise of Alice Spencer
    in Tudor England

    * Crosslands Author



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  • New DVD’s
    Spring  2023

    Everything Everywhere All at Once
    A Man Called Otto
    She Said
    The Whale
    Women Talking
    Black Beauty
    Black Orpheus
    Buster Keaton
    The Fabelmans
    The Fantasticks
    The Hangover
    A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    Milwaukee, Minnesota



“In just spring”—books about gardens, birds and spring!