KCC is Committed to Individualized Health & Wellness Promotion

Each resident brings unique values, experiences, and gifts to our community. We honor individuality by embracing a personalized approach to all services, and this includes our approach to promoting health and wellness.

Research shows that when people stay engaged in purposeful activity throughout life, the tend to stay healthier. To support this, we aim to learn what each resident values most, and strive to support everyone in continuing meaningful engagement and healthy activity in everyday life.

Research also shows that an effective way to stay focused, motivated and pro-actively engaged in managing one’s health is to partner with a Health & Wellness Coach. These services are available to you through our membership with Vitalize 360, a national consortium of senior living communities which engage in individualized health and wellness promotion.

So how does it work?

Vitalize 360 participants have a chance to enjoy meaningful self-reflection with a Vitalize 360 coach. The participant is offered an opportunity to reflect on their overall well-being today and consider aspects of health that may be asking for more attention. Coaches ask good questions that help participants to articulate priorities and clarify what matters most.

Coaching is not about giving advice. Rather, it offers space to take a step back, and look at one’s life with fresh eyes. These conversations shine a light on how well we are aligning out time and energy with what brings meaning, purpose, and maximum vitality. It gives us a chance to recalibrate, if needed. And the motivating energy of a coach can help to foster new health-promoting intentions or goals.

Residents Create A Best Day Plan

Residents, along with their coach, create a personalized well-being roadmap (Best Day Plan). This Best Day Plan may support existing activities or inspire new ones.

About Vitalize 360

Vitalize 360 was developed in 2011 through a joint venture of The Kendal Corporation and Hebrew SeniorLife. These two leading non-profit aging service provider systems have long recognized the importance of driving a person-centered approach to health and wellness in their respective organizations and the aging services field. As of 2020, Vitalize 360 is used by over 20 non-profit organizations in the U.S., including life plan communities, affordable housing communities, and other community-based service providers.

Learn more about our Vitalize 360 Health & Wellness Coach Lathie Gannon here .