Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1: Can a new resident use an outside physician for primary care? 

A1: Yes. Residents using an outside primary care physician should inform Resident Care.  It is the responsibility of the resident to provide Resident Care with copies of all pertinent medical records.  All medical information received will be reviewed and verified by Resident Care staff and then will be entered into the resident’s electronic medical record.  If the Resident Care staff has any questions, they will contact the resident.

Q2: How does a new resident choose a specialist? 

A2: The resident’s primary care physician can offer suggestions as well as Resident Care staff.

Q3: How can a resident using a Crosslands physician obtain a second opinion? 

A3: Any resident can request a second opinion. If the request is for a specialist, the resident’s primary care physician or Resident Care staff can suggest another specialist. If the request is to select another Crosslands primary care physician, residents should speak with Resident Care staff and they will assist you.

Q4: Can prescriptions from outside physicians be filled in the Crosslands pharmacy? 

A4: Yes. Residents should obtain a prescription and their physician can either fax the prescription to Resident Care 610-388-5687 or to the pharmacy 267-487-8974. Residents may alsogive the paper copy to Resident Care.

Q5: Where do residents go for medical help when Resident Care is closed? 

A5: Registered Nurses are on staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Firbank. If Resident Care is closed and urgent care is needed, please call the Firbank nurses’ station 610-388-1440. Firbank nurses are able to access resident’s electronic medical records and assist residents with medical care.

Q6: How can a resident make a suggestion to Resident Care? 

A6: Resident Care staff members will be happy to accept a verbal or written suggestion.

Q7: How long after moving in can a new resident expect to be seen in Resident Care?

 A7: A welcome letter from Resident Care is sent to the resident within the first 2 weeks of the resident’s arrival.  The resident is asked to call Resident Care to schedule a Welcome Orientation appointment.   If need arises, the resident may see a physician prior to the welcome orientation appointment by calling Resident Care for an appointment.

Q8: May a resident change their Crosslands Primary Physician?

 A8: Yes. At any time a resident may change their primary care physician by contacting a Resident Care staff member.