Updated June 7, 2021

For the Fitness Center, Pool and Classes:
1. Registration is no longer required.
2. Limits for Pool and Aqua Classes of 10 is no longer in effect.
3. Limit in the Fitness Center of 6 is no longer in effect.
4. Limit in land classes no longer 8.
5. Masks are no longer required (if fully vaccinated) in the Fitness Center and Locker Rooms.
6. Screening is no longer required. If you are not feeling well, stay home.
7. Resident Care door is open. Please continue to check in with Jenn or Casey.
8. Those going to the pool, please enter through Resident Care. You no longer have to use the door by the spa.
9. Please check-in like the good old days (sign-in sheets will be on the Fitness Center desk).

Fitness Center Hours:  Mon. -Fri. – 8 am – 3:30 pm