All residents of Crosslands are members of the CRA.

The purposes of the CRA are to:
(a) promote and further the common interests and welfare of the residents of Crosslands.
(b) communicate and cooperate with the Kendal~Crosslands Communities Board of Directors and the staff at Crosslands in promoting a provident, healthful, enjoyable, and useful community life.
(c) uphold the values of the Mission Statement of The Kendal Corporation.

The Annual Meeting is held on the first Monday in June, following the CRA Board Meeting.
Draft of the Minutes from the 2020 Annual Meeting.

2021.05.03 CRA Board Meeting Draft Minutes
CRA Treasurer’s Report May 2021
Approved Budget for 2020-2021
CRA Budget 2021-2022 Fund Drive Completed

‎CRA Concerns Session

Held monthly on the Third Tuesday from 10 – 11 am on Zoom.

Schedule for Concerns Sessions, CRA and KRA Meetings

The concerns session is an opportunity for residents to speak confidentially regarding their concerns with two members of the CRA Board.

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Nominations for CRA Board 2021-2022

Board of Directors

The CRA Board of Directors conducts, manages, and directs the operation and affairs of the CRA.

The CRA Board meets monthly September – June on the first Monday of the month (except for September when the Board meets on the first Tuesday) at 10 AM on Zoom ( pre and post Covid-19 in the William Penn Room and Lounge).  All residents are encouraged to attend.

Board of Directors 2020- 2021

President  – David Rhoads
 lst Vice President  – Jane Roberts
2nd Vice President – Renny Wood
Secretary – Mary Barlow
Treasurer – Ben James
Ass’t. Treasurer – Wynne Wharry

Board Members serving 1st year of a 2-year term

Allan Falcoff
Cindy Arrouet
Esther Cooperman
Fanny Cracknell
Nan Naeve    

Board Members serving 2nd year of a 2-year term

Bill Heald
John Hurt
Pat Koedding
Sandy Leff
Lowell McMullin

Board of Directors – 2021-2022

President  – Jane Roberts
 lst Vice President  – Sam Wagner
2nd Vice President – Renny Wood
Secretary – Virginia Connelly
Treasurer – Wynne Wharry
Ass’t. Treasurer – Jim Sharp

Board Members serving 2nd year of a 2-year term

Allan Falcoff
Cindy Arrouet
Esther Cooperman
David Camp
Nan Naeve    

Board Members serving 1st year of a 2-year term

Lyn Back
Carol Ann Baker
Jon Ford
Paul Grinwis
Julia Rudden

Constitution/Policies & Guidelines

Attached are PDF documents of Crosslands Resident Association’s Constitution and the Policies and Guidelines. The Constitution revisions were approved at the CRA Annual Meeting on June 9, 2014.

This report is to be submitted annually in May to the 2nd Vice-President.
CRA Annual Committee/Activity/Group Report

CRA Committees Expenditure Reimbursement
& Income Deposits Procedures and Form

First, open the CRA Payment Procedures document (listed below) to review how to request a payment from or a make an income deposit to the CRA. Download  the CRA Payment Request Form(into Word) below or fill and print the CRA Payment Request Form and submit to CRA Assistant Treasurer (open box).

CRA Board Minutes

CRA Board meetings are archived for the following years. Click on the year of interest.