Crosslands Website Submission Guidelines
November 2020

Our volunteer Website Team strives to serve Crosslands Residents.

• We accept committee sponsored events and announcements sent with Committee Chair approval.
• Documents and other items can be submitted as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF.
• Photos should be sent as jpg or png.
• Please give our volunteers 24 hours to get information posted whenever possible.

• See below for more detailed information.
The Website Team does its best to keep the site accurate and up to date.

We publish news of Crosslands and to a limited extent, Kendal, Cartmel, Coniston, and the Kendal Corporation. Website editors have the right to reject information that does not meet our guidelines.

  • Guidelines for submitting information by residents or staff for
    • Events open to all Crosslands Residents
    • Events sponsored/approved by the CRA, Committees, or Administration
    • Residents submitting materials to be posted must have approval of their committee chair or co-chair.
    • A resident submitting material on behalf of more than one committee is responsible for gaining approval from the chair or co-chair of the other committee(s).
    • Posts – announcements, committee news/updates, long-term projects, requests for action, ideas of interest
    • Committee Page updates
    • Suggestions for additions/changes to Campus Resources and External Resources

Please Note: Not accepted: (1) Submissions from individual Residents not submitted through the CRA or a Committee and (2) solicitations for political action, religious and charitable organizations. Political events held at Crosslands (e.g., meet the candidates) are posted on the calendar as a regular event, but are not featured.

Ways in which Information is Shared on the Website
1. Calendar – all events are listed on the calendar
2. Featured Events are also displayed on the left side
of the Home Page in order of occurrence.
Please see below for the criteria for making an event featured.

1. Posts are used for news (& some events) and are displayed on the right side of the Home Page in the order in which they are published.
Information to Include for Events
• Name of Event
• Date
• Time (Start & End)
• Place
• Short Description
• Sponsor/Contact
• Photo/image in jpg or png format (optional – we’ll try to find one for you if needed)

• Keep in mind that photos on the Home Page for both Featured Events & Posts are small.
• Photos/images for Posts should be square-ish in shape.
• If you don’t have a photo or image, we will try to find one for you.
• If the photo/image doesn’t fit and can’t be cropped, we will try to find an alternative.
• Photos should be sent as a jpg or png file.
• It can be difficult or impossible to extract an image from a pdf file. If you send a flyer in a pdf file, it can be helpful to also send the image separately.
• Be aware of privacy issues.
o Images of minors – can only be displayed with permission from the parent(s).
o Staff Members – Check with Roger Polius, Director of H. R. before posting. Not all staff has agreed to be photographed.
o Residents attending public functions on Crosslands Grounds – The Crosslands Camera Club guidelines state: “….it is assumed that their
permission is automatically granted by their attendance at public events.”
• Proofread your submission.
• Include name and contact information so that we can contact you if we have questions.
• Submit photos and other images in the jpg or png file format.
• Submit flyers in doc, docx, jpeg or pdf format.

How to Send Your Information – Please submit your information no later than one week in advance by one of these methods:
1. Use the Contact Us tab on the website. Up to three files can be attached.
2. Send an email to: — recommended if you need to send us multiple files.
3. Place a paper form in the website Open Box
When items are submitted electronically, you can expect an electronic reply from the Editor of the Day.

Sound Recordings
These can be placed on the website if they are of general interest to residents and sponsored by a committee and/or the Administration. Arrangements for sound recording need to be made in advance with the AV Committee. They prefer to receive requests before the beginning of the month when the event is to occur. Requests should be placed in the A/V Open Box.

Events for which a Signup is required will be listed on the calendar when we receive the information from the resident who is responsible for the sign-up sheet. When the sign-up sheet is ready to be put on the Crosslands Bulletin Board, we will share that information in a post. The Post Announcement will serve as an advertisement for the future event and requires that we be provided with informative details beyond the basics of the event, including an appropriate image, if possible.

Repeating Calendar Events (Event Series)
Submit as soon as the schedule for the forthcoming season has been determined. List each date and if applicable, note the pattern of the occurrence (e.g. every third Friday of the month). Please let us know the date on which a recurring event ends or pauses (as for summer holiday).
When the entire season’s schedule is ready to be posted, an Announcement Post can also be submitted, with the above information and a longer description.
More detailed Event information such as a program, bios and photos can be submitted closer to the time of the Event, but no later than a week before the event.
How to Check Your Event
Events will appear on the Featured Events column on home page of the website a week to a few days before the event, depending on how many other events are occurring in the same time frame. To check your Event, click on the Calendar Tab at the top of the website, find the date of your Event, find the Event, and click on it. This will bring up a page with the event details and image.

Featured Event Criteria
We follow the criteria established for TV 9. Each week it is determined which events merit listing on a “Week In Advance” slide on Channel 9. Our criteria include:
● Programs/ events sponsored by the CRA, a CRA Committee, or Administration (e.g., Forum, Music, Summer Music, Light & Lively, Movies, Documentaries, Book Reviews, Great Decisions) and open to the entire community.
● First instance of a new event e.g., Croquet, Bocce, and Ping Pong are events that this year became regularly scheduled; each one was listed as an featured event the week in it commenced. Then it will be on the calendar not featured.
●Special Situations, eg., change of venue, change of time, revitalization of group
NOT Included: Political events, Religious events, or Outside events

Committee Information Each committee has its own page and is encouraged to use it to communicate with committee members and with all residents. A committee may designate one of its own members to edit the committee’s page or may ask us to find an editor to work with you. Committees are responsible for the material on their pages within the guidelines set by the editors.
Information on a committee page may include.
● Mission statement
● Guidelines
● Members
● Minutes
● Photos
● List of events
For each committee we try to include, on the CRA Committees Page, the name of the chair and the regular meeting time. It is our policy to NOT include contact information on any page, but to refer users to the “Directory” page where names, box numbers, phone numbers and email addresses are listed.
QUESTIONS? SUGGESTIONS? Please use the “contact us” link on the website, or send an email to