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* Designates an Interest Group that is not supported by nor does it receive funds from the CRA.

CCCC = Designates a Cross Campus Collaborative Committee: created in response to a request from our CEO and the KCC Board to provide more avenues for formal input from residents.


MEETING TIME – Due to COVID-19, many Committees have cancelled or rescheduled meetings.  Please check with the Chair to determine current plans.

Administrative Forms Charlie Hill, Kendal Sub-Committee of 4 Campus Communications Committee
AFSC Clothing* Ruth Cramer Meets as need arises
AFSC Sale* Betsy Walker / Jennifer Allcock Irregular
Appointments Renny Wood/
Lyn Back, Jon Ford, Nan Naeve
Appointed by CRA Board
Arboretum* Jennifer Allcock/
Bob Shipman
2nd Monday of the month, 11 am, Link to Zoom ID
Archives Irregular
Art Exhibits Nancy Pereira/
Julia Kennedy
Irregular depending on exhibit schedule
Arts & Crafts Room Jane Roberts Twice a year
Audio Visual Paul Stevens/Mary Barlow, Ernie Novak Friday (except for July & August), 11 am, William Penn Room
Audit  Paul Stevens Appointed by CRA Board
Biographies Hollis Scarborough/
Valerie Suter
Birthday Dinner Celebrations Phyllis Wenner/
Anne Batley
Once each month group dinner to celebrate birthdays of month
Bluebird Monitors Peg Parker Weekly April to October
Book Review Pat Koedding, co-chair 3rd Monday of the months of Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar & Apr, 11 am, Wm Penn Room
Bridge Contract:  Rob Shipman/Kay Philipps Duplicate: Barb Pusey/Lois Reid
Social: Kay Sharp
Contract Bridge: Wednesday, 6:45 pm, William Penn Lounge
Duplicate Bridge: Monday, 6:45 pm, William Penn Lounge
Social Bridge, Tuesday, 1:00 pm, William Penn Lounge
Buddhist Insight Meditation * Not meeting at this time
Buddhism Study* Not meeting at this time
Bulletin Board Diana Stevens
Camera Club Bob Suter 3rd Wednesday of the month (except July & August) 1:30 pm, Multi-purpose Room
Cancer Support Lowell McMullin 4th Thursday, January through October; 3rd Thursday, November and December; 1:30 pm, Meditation Room
Caregivers Support Rosemarie Carpenter (Staff)
Ceramics John Fong (Cartmel) Tuesday & Thursday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm, Arts and Crafts Room
Choices in Later Years Carol Ann Baker 2nd Tuesday, 10 am, Wyeth conference room (Sept to May)
Chorus Jeri Iacono (Staff)/Trish Reed Thursday, 3:30 pm, Life Enrichment Room
Chronicle Larry Wood, Editor, Julie Knobil, Managing Editor 1st Wednesday, 10 am, September through June,   link to Zoom ID
Climate Resilience Working Group * Dick Haden 4th Thursday at 4:00 pm in the Conference Room – September through June
Computer/Copier Room Les Small/
Bonnie Marcus
Continuing Education Dick Kline Series of lectures on 5 successive Fridays  10 am – 11:15 am
Culinary Services Advisory Diana Stevens/
Frank Condenzio
1st Thursday of the month at 2:30 pm in the Conference Room
Democratic Committee of Crosslands and Nearby Communities (DCCNC) * Bonnie Marcus / Ted Farraday
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (CCCC) Judy Heald/
Florence Lim
3rd Thursday of the month, on Zoom
Energy Ben James 2nd Tuesday Sept through June, 1:00 pm,  Link to Zoom ID
Environmental Services Collaborative Committee (CCCC) Director of Environmental Services Meets as needed
Crosslands Representatives: Floy Ervin & Sara Jane Withers
Episcopalian * Phyllis Wenner Services – 3rd Thursday of the month, 11 am. William Penn Lounge . All are welcome.
Ethics (CCCC) A KCC Staff and Resident Committee in partnership with Barclay Friends
Executive Jane Roberts
Exercise to Music Lois Reed Monday & Friday, 9 – 9:30 am, William Penn Lounge; led by a resident
Faith, Thought, & Action Groups *
Finance  Wynne Wharry/ Jim Sharp Appointed by CRA Board
First Names Hollis Scarborough /Joan Cobb
Fitness Advisory Ginny Connolly 3rd  Thursday, 1:00 pm, Wyeth Conference Room
Flower Committee Joan Baker/Ted Farraday
Flower Growing Garry Stone Only outdoor work sessions. Communication will be by email and telephone. Any recruiting will be by the Crosslands website. Residents wishing to donate flowers or time should contact one of the co-chairs.
Forum Debbie Borton Programs – 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month, 7:30 pm, William Penn Room
Committee – 2nd Wednesday of the month, 9:30 am, Conference Room
Four Campus Communications Committee Judy Heald  4th Monday of the odd-numbered months
Friends Worship Group * Larry Flood/
Margaret Camp
Sunday, 10am, William Penn Lounge
Games Night Evie Lohmuller Thursday, 7 pm, William Penn Lounge
Great Decisions Leo Gilmore Discussions: 4th Monday,  9:45 am – 11 am
2022: January – October (via Zoom & TV 13)
Grief Support Mary Lou Thomas/ Rosemary Carpenter (Staff)
Health Education * Cathy Emig (Staff)
Health Services Committee (CCCC) Donna Taylor Meets as needed
Crosslands representative: Liz Caggiano
Hiking Dan Mitchell/Terry Borton (on campus) 1st Wednesday of the month
Horticulture Ingrid Carls 2nd Thursdays, March and September, Location TBD
House Joan Baker/Betsy Walker
Hymn Sing Peg Parker Due to Covid Restrictions- inactive
Interfaith Dialogues Currently inactive
Jewish Text Discussion * Contact: Bonnie Marcus (or Fran Stier at KAL) “On a Thursday from 2-3:30 pm, September – May”
Jewelry Making Bonnie Marcus/
Cynthia La Para
Monday 1:00 pm, Arts and Crafts Room
KCC Board -Committees Appointed by KCC Board
Library Allison Butler/
Charmaine Gates
1st Wednesday of the months of Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar & May in the Health Services Rm at 4 pm
Light & Lively David Camp 2nd Thursday of the month at 3:00 pm, except July and August
Low Vision Support Rosemarie Carpenter (Staff)
Marketing  (CCCC) co-chair Helene Quinones (Staff) Crosslands representatives: Julie deWolff and Florence Lim
Massage (Hand) Sue Manning currently inactive
Medical Liaison Services Wendell Lofland/
Rosemarie Carpenter (Staff)
Memorial Services Chuck Gosselink 10–11 am, once each year in December
Metal Studio John Caggiano Thursday, 1:00 – 2:30 pm, Arts and Crafts Room
Mindful Meditation Sue Manning/
Dot Mullestein
3rd Thursday of the month, 10-11 am, Meditation Room
Movers & Quakers * Robin Harper
Movie Ron Broude 1st Wednesday, 4 pm, Health Services Meeting Room
Music – Concerts Anne Gross/
Elizabeth Rhoads
Music Time  Les Small (Crosslands)/
Bob Warner (Kendal)
Wednesdays alternating between Crosslands, 4-4:45 pm (Firbank) & Kendal 4:15-5 pm (Westmoreland) –SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
Native Plant Preserve Dale Kendall
Natural Areas Jennifer Allcock/Garry Stone 1st Monday of the month (except July & August), 1 pm, George Fox Room
Needlers Jane Roberts Thursday, 10 am, Arts and Crafts Room
Nominating Thomas Swain Appointed by CRA Board
Opera Lectures Hedy Knoth/
Ted Farraday
Origami Margaret Tsan Monday, 2:30 pm, Arts and Crafts Room
Painting Studio Cyndy Falcoff / Sherrill Primo Open Painting Studio 1st Wednesdays 10:00 to 12 noon
Parkinson’s Support Group Louise Bennett
Philadelphia Ballet Syd Fleming/Helen Meredith (Kendal )
Philadelphia Orchestra Pat Carty
Photos – New Residents Bob Suter/
Dick Voldstad
Players Jane Roberts
Poetry Group Co-Coordinators – Cyndy Falcoff and Betsey Cullen 2nd Wednesday of every month, September thru June, 3:00 pm, Wm Penn Lounge
Pruning Jennifer Allcock Sub-committee of Arboretum; Thursdays, 8 am, May to November
RAP (Resident Association Presidents) Chair rotates Resident Association Presidents and 1st Vice Presidents
Weekly on Tuesday with CEO & staff; once a month without staff
Recording Mary Barlow Sub-committee of the A/V Committee -Volunteers needed – Contact Mary Barlow
Recycling Peter Lane Recycling is a sub-committee of the Energy Committee.  It is listed here to provide a link to recycling at KCC
Revitalization Collaborative Committee  (CCCC) Seth Beaver Meets as needed
Crosslands representatives: Mary Barlow and David Camp
Roman Catholic * Leo Gilmore/
Sue Manning
Catholic mass second Thursday of the month, 2 pm, Meditation Room
Safety Bonnie Marcus/
Jo Anne Smith
3rd Tuesday of the month (September through June), 1 pm, Main Conference Room. Seth Beaver and Joe Deckman meet with the committee.
Scottish Dancing Virginia Maier Not meeting at this time – Thursday, 7:30-9 pm, year-round, Sports Room
Senior Strength Training (YMCA) David Heckman Not meeting at this time – Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, 10 am, Sports Room
Showcase Debby Kern/
Renny Wood
 as needed
Spiritual Life  Committee Atala Toy
1st Wednesday 1:30 pm Wm Penn Lounge
Summer Music Debby Kern As Needed
Sunflower Shop Sharon Mitchell/Joan Applegate Open Monday-Friday, 11 am-2 pm
Tai Chi Betty Nathan/
Sue Manning
Stay tuned – Used to meet: Thursday, changes from 8:30 to 9 am depending on week. Contact chairperson, Aerobics Room
TAC  (Technology Assistance Committee) Diane Hulse Volunteers needed – Contact Diane Hulse
Tennis Betsey Cullen/Dan Hogenauer/Lynn Williams(KAL)
Trails Terry Borton
Transportation  Paul Kronick 2nd Monday of the month, alternating between Kendal and Crosslands, 1:30-3 pm; even numbered months at Kendal in the Training Room; odd numbered months at Crosslands, Conference Room
Tuesday Edition Elizabeth Rhoads/
Ernie Novak
3rd Tuesday of the month at 11 am, currently via Zoom
 If interested in attending the committee meeting,
contact committee chair, Elizabeth Rhoads.
TV Events David Rhoads
TV9 & TV15 Les Small/Bonnie Marcus
Unitarian /Universalist * Del Tweedie Suspended during Covid
Ushers Betsy Walker
Vegetable Gardens Sandy Neufeld/
Jim Sharp
viibrant® Steering Committee Valerie Suter Sub-Committee of 4 CCC
Wall Décor Roger Parish
Water Pitchers Jeri Iacono (Staff)
Website Committee Valerie Suter, chair
Elisa Barbis & Ginny Connolly, co-chairs
Scheduled Team Meetings  – Every Friday 9-11 am
Welcoming Diana Stevens 2nd Monday monthly, 3:30 – 4:30 pm, Wm Penn Lounge
Wood Shop Mike Duffy Monday-Friday, 10:00 am – noon, Wood Shop
Woodland Workers Garry Stone Sub- committee of the Natural Areas committee.
Thursday or Friday, 1 – 3 pm, October into April, weather permitting
Yoga Mary Lou Thomas
Woods Collaborative ( CCCC) Seth Beaver & Jennifer Allcock, co-chairs
Zoom/TV13 Ernie Novak/Mary Barlow Sub-committee of the A/V committee.