I. The Crosslands Chronicle is published monthly, except July and August. It is authorized and partially funded by the Crosslands Residents Association.

ll. Purposes of the Chronicle.

A. To provide timely and upbeat information about:

• Scheduled cultural, educational, recreational and social events.
• Organized activities and their goals and accomplishments, including a Calendar of Events on the last page.
• Services planned for, and provided to, residents by administration and staff.
• Significant actions of the Residents Association Board of Directors.
• New residents through a brief biography.
• Other subjects that in the opinion of the editorial staff may be of interest to the residents of Crosslands.

B. To provide a historical record by recording and preserving an account of life at, and the development of, the Crosslands community.

C. For recruitment and public relations; the Chronicle has a resident recruitment and public relations function in portraying to persons on the waiting list and to other interested persons the nature and quality of life at Crosslands.

III. What the Chronicle is not.

A. It is not a community voice for expressing differences, nor a referee to arbitrate differences. Such differences are better raised in the confidential “Concerns Sessions” held each month by the Residents Association Board of Directors. If articles of this sort are submitted, they are returned to the Writer with a written explanation of our policies.

B. It is not a “house organ” of the administration; yet the Chronicle staff cooperates closely with the administration to advance the interests of residents and the corporation.

C. It is not a platform to air personal grievances.

D. It is not an organ for purely creative writing.

IV. Guidelines for the Editors and Staff.

The goal is to publish regularly a 12 to 14 page issue. Controlling size helps to preserve quality and contain costs.

Assigned articles have priority for space in each issue. However, contributions from other residents, editorial staff, administrative staff, or the board of directors are welcomed.

Unsolicited articles will be considered providing space is available and the article is timely, optimistic, and not contentious and it fits within the purposes of the Chronicle as defined above.

All material submitted is subject to editing. Copy editors will address issues of style, clarity, and readability as well as accuracy of content, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. When necessary, we will also edit to fit space requirements.

Articles deemed contentious or argumentative regarding Residents Association Board actions or administration policies or actions will not be accepted. See item III above.

Original articles of a literary nature in prose or verse will be sent for consideration to the
editor of Intermittent, the semiannual supplement of the Chronicle. See item III

V. Guidelines for Submissions.

The deadline for submission of articles is the 15th of the month prior to publication. Please respect the deadline.

Each submission to the Chronicle should:

• Possess a title
• Be written clearly and succinctly
• Include (for events) dates, time, venue (e.g., Wm Penn Rm) and online options (e.g., Zoom, TV13)
• Include the author’s name at the end

Send the completed articles without formatting to Julie Knobil (Managing Editor) and Larry Wood (Editor). Do not submit articles in unfinished form. Submissions may be edited by the staff to improve clarity or adjust to space considerations.

Suggested word counts for article:

• Movies: 75-80 words
• Music, L&L, Tuesday Edition, Great Decisions, etc.: 80-100 words
• Forum: 150-200 words
• New Resident Narratives: One person/photo 500 words max. Two persons/photos 400 words max.
• Join a Team (Help Wanted): 40 words max

Authors are encouraged to submit graphic material relevant to the article. Submit graphics as attachments to your email (not embedded in the article or email body).

Send original, high-resolution files if possible. Photos will include attribution (where known) when published.

The Editorial Staff of the Chronicle
Larry Wood, Editor
January 1979

Rev. January 1990
Rev. February 2002
Rev. July 2016
Rev. February 2022