Recycling at Kendal~Crosslands Communities

Four Campus KCC Recycling Team:

Convenor: Ruth Crawford, Cartmel
Kendal at Longwood: Betsy Wenny, Christa Vanderbilt, Conrad Paulus, Ellen Gay, Chris Haicken
Crosslands: Peggy Dunn, Hedy Knoth, Pete Lane, Peg Parker, Penny Paul
Cartmel: Merle Tanis
Coniston: Fiora Arnold
Staff Representative: John Platt, Michele Roche

The 4-campus Kendal-Crosslands Communities Recycling Team mission is to increase the communities’ awareness and practice of responsible purchase and disposal of materials used in everyday life and to promote actions to enhance a sustainable environment.  The committee generally meets at 10AM on the 3rd Monday of every month.

Blosenski is our new trash collection company.

September 2023 Update: Blosenski accepts #6 plastics. Effective immediately, please put the square clamshells, the pie containers and ALL #6 plastics in the blue recycling bins.

Here are more details – Plastics – Take-out Food Containers and More:

Green Food Containers are not to be recycled, they are sterilized and reused. Please return them by placing them in the bins marked for that purpose in the Center.

Plastic three-compartment containers WITH lids (black bottoms and clear lids) are #5 and can be recycled. They should be rinsed and recycled. Please save and stack to save space in Recycle Bins. Do not return them to Culinary Services.

AND if we can’t read or don’t see a number on a plastic container, When in doubt, throw it out. This way, the contents of the blue bins have a good chance at the waste company sites of getting into the recycling streams.

You can now deposit clean, dry plastic bags at the Center. The Recycling group will deliver them to the recycling bin at a local supermarket.

Plant Containers and Garden Debris

Plant Containers: Take plant containers to Parking Lot 6. Stack them to the left of the large shed. Remove soil and fit similar sized containers upside down on top of each other. No plant labels or trash. Containers will be taken by a volunteer resident to be recycled.
Garden Debris:  Recycle garden debris for composting. Put the debris in the brown bags stored in the AFSC shed in parking lot 6 and made available by the horticulture area representatives. Separate and bundle woody material.