Crosslands Meeting Rooms

*** For current restrictions due to Covid, please read Rules & Procedures During Gradual Reopening ***

There are ten meeting rooms of various sizes in the Center, and two additional event spaces elsewhere on the Crosslands campus. Please note that the OCCUPANCY CAPACITIES LISTED BELOW ARE PRE-COVID AND DON’T REFLECT THE CURRENT COVID-RELATED OCCUPANCY LIMITS which you can see on the Rules and Procedures page, linked above, in the Indoor Gatherings section. The services available in each room are also listed.

Meeting Rooms – Click on the link for a meeting room to see its calendar.

  • Music Room WiFi
  • Brooke Worth Room (Normal Capacity 18 ) Services
  • Health Meet­ing Room (Wyeth room) (Normal Capacity 15) WiFi
  • Med­it­a­tion Roomcurrently unavailable

Event Spaces

*** There is also the Peavey, which is mobile, has sound and can be used anywhere. ***

*** Contact A/V if Projection and/or Sound are required. ***

How To Use the Calendars When Planning an Event to Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

You can get WiFi access in the Center. The WiFi Name (SSID) is: Kendal-Resident – the Password is: kendalres

  • To request use of any of these rooms use the online Room Reservations form or speak with the Crosslands Front Desk Ambassador.
  • The Front Desk Ambassador is responsible for actually scheduling the use of a room.
  • To request ancillary services (A/V, Ushers, Environmental Services (room setup), etc.) contact the appropriate provider. This can be done using the online Room Reservations or Event Updates forms or by contacting the provider directly.