Updated October 21, 2021

In-Room Visits to

Audland and Firbank Residents Permitted

No Appointment Required

From Cathy Emig, Crosslands Health Services Administrator:

Unscheduled, In-Room Visits to Audland and Firbank residents without an appointment have been approved beginning September 30, 2021! Visitors to the Health Center (including Independent Living residents) need to check in at the main center and then enter via the automatic doors near Penny’s Garden Lounge.

October 6th update – Firbank East and Firbank West Households ONLY.
At this time, the Firbank East and Firbank West Households are on a modified visitation plan.
Any visitors MUST check with the nurse on duty prior to the visit.


  • Complete screening in accordance with current KCC policy at the Main Center.
  • Audland visitors should use entrance off the Main Center by Penny’s Garden Lounge for arrival and departure.
  • Maximum two visitors per in-room visit (in addition to the resident).
  • Visitor(s) and resident must remain in-room for entire duration of visit.
  • Visitor(s) are fully vaccinated.
  • Visitor(s) and resident will wear a well-fitting mask during the entire in-room visit.
  • Practice hand hygiene frequently throughout the entire visit, at a minimum upon entrance and exit to the Health Center and before and after any touch.
  • No eating/drinking allowed during the in-room visit.
  • Common areas are not accessible to visitors at this time.
  • Congregating or visiting in the hallways with staff or other residents while on the way to and from a resident’s room, is not allowed.
  • To minimize hallway traffic, visitor(s) and resident may combine an outdoor visit with an indoor visit only at the conclusion of the indoor visit.
  • Audland and Firbank. October 21 Update: Indoor Pet Visits: Pets may visit in the resident room only (not in common areas), may not occur during meal times, limit of one pet and one visitor at any time, all visitors including IL residents still need to screen at the front desk upon entry and exit. All other prior infection prevention and control measures should be followed.
  • Visitor(s) will notify the staff member on duty upon arrival and present completed acknowledgement to the staff member.
  • Visitor(s) will notify the staff member on duty when departing, and will complete exit screening at the Main Center.
  • Visitor(s) and resident must remain in room for entire duration of visit.
  • Audland Dining Room and Household Dining rooms have resumed normal operations.  The number of residents per table is based on table size.
  • The Open Air outdoor tents will continue to be available to provide opportunities for visits for unvaccinated visitors, including children age 12 or older.
  • Pets are welcome for outdoor visits only at this time.
  • The Non-Medical Outing acknowledgement form is no longer required.  However, visitor(s) should continue to notify staff of plans to depart and return and complete screening at the Main Center.  All visitor(s) on Non-Medical Outings must be vaccinated.
  • Virtual visitations:  In order to respond to resident requests and to continue to return to a robust in person programming schedule for residents, effective July 16, Life Enrichment staff will no longer be able to support virtual visits.  Feel free to bring your own tablet during your visit to facilitate a virtual call with other family members/friends.  Facility tablets will also be available on-site for your use.  Programs such as religious services and the use of volunteers are being evaluated on a case by case basis.