The 4-Campus Chat is an online bulletin board, on which residents of all 4 KCC communities are invited to post messages for other residents. The messages may be offers, such as free tickets to an outside event, requests for pet care, invitations to join a resident committee, request for names of good barbers, etc.

The Chat is hosted by the Kendal at Longwood website, and, as the name indicates, is for use by residents of Cartmel, Coniston, Crosslands, and Kendal at Longwood. The link appears on the KAL home page, or you may click here. The password is the same as for Directories.

When you post a message on the Chat, it’s recommended that you include the community you live in so that the reader knows where the offer or request, i.e., the pet care, is located. When you reply to a message, be sure to click on “Reply” so your response stays connected to the original message.