Help Wanted: Marketing Cross Campus Collaborative Committee

If you would like to be one of the two Crosslands representatives on the new committee for Marketing, please contact Renny Wood before November 5.

The Cross Campus Collaborative Committee for Marketing provides a two-way information channel between residents and marketing staff in pursuit of their shared goal of attracting residents who embrace the values and achieve the diversity goals of KCC.  In their advisory capacity, residents will collaborate with staff in identifying and meeting the marketing information needs of potential residents and current residents.

Representatives will have:

  • The ability to listen and be open to other residents and staff objectively and to put personal considerations aside for the benefit of the community.
  • A want and willingness to learn about marketing practices and market trends.
  • The ability to be communicate effectively, both in communicating to the committee on behalf of the residents but also in communicating to the resident community on behalf of the committee
  • A willingness to learn about the competitive marketplace in which KCC operates