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Crosslands Events today !
Kendal Events Today !

8:30am - Kendal Auditorium, Miscrosoft Teams

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11am till Noon-Open to all for casual conversation on the Terrace Patio. Refreshments.

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11:00am, Aerobics Room

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Usual Dinner Hours: (4:15-7:15pm)

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7:15 pm William Penn Room and TV13

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1:30PM - WPR, TV13 and Microsoft Teams link

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Name Tags
Name Tag Day - Mon Aug 15, 2022

We have new residents. Name tags help us get to know each other.

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11am - Zoom & TV13

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10:30AM- WPR, TV13, Zoom

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Recordings of Crosslands Events

Summer Music- Lon Eldridge – August 2, 2022
Summer Music – Alex Shaw Trio – South American Sounds
July 26, 2022
Program play list

Additional recordings can been found under Campus InfoAudio/Video files

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